Folding table

Make yourself a two second folding picnic table. Great for the car boot!

6 x Table top slats 620mm long x 105mm wide x 10mm deep
2 x base support slats 620mm long x 52mm wide x 5mm deep
4 x legs 600mm long x 22mm wide x 30mm deep
4 x horizontal supports 435mm long x 22mm wide x 30mm deep
1 x dowel carry handle 345mm long x 25mm diameter
6 x ¼” galv. Screw head coach bolts 40mm long, 12 x ¼” galv. Flat washers
6 x ¼” galv. Square nuts, 35mm Philips screws. Wood glue.
Optional template for positioning on slats, legs and supports to ensure even folding.

1. Make templates for screw positions and table top corners.
2. Cut table top slats to size.
3. Cut legs, cross base and horizontal supports to size.
4. Chamfer edges, sandpaper and round feet.
5. Cut dowel handle to size.
6. Mark and drill dowel holes and all other screw positions.
7. Countersink all screw holes.
8. Paint, varnish or leave natural.
9. Assemble, glue and screw.
10. Lock punch outside screw threads.
11. Trim tabletop corners. Or you can try this!

Here’s another folding table idea!