Requirements of membership

The following sets out the requirements for membership to the Channel Men’s Shed Inc. (CMS).

  1. Minimum age for membership is 18 years.
  2. A membership application form is available at the CMS office or available for download from here. Completed membership forms are to be presented in person at the CMS office.
  3. Your application must be approved by the Committee. The application is scanned and emailed to Committee members for their review and response to the Secretary. Once the majority of the Committee approves an application, the Secretary shall advise you by either email, telephone or surface mail as the case applies.
  4. Applicants are required to pay the membership fee that was approved at the last Annual General Meeting of CMS – currently (2018) $50 for a full year and reducible after the first 6 months of our financial year (Jan ~ Dec).
  5. Before being eligible to use tools, machinery or equipment in the Shed, every applicant is required to undergo our Shed Induction which takes around 45 minutes. The induction is usually conducted by our Secretary or a Committee Member and primarily relates to each members’ responsibility towards safe practices and safe use of materials and equipment.
  6. Before you are permitted to use machinery or equipment within the Shed, you will need to be assessed for competence in its use. The assessments are performed by our mentors who are already skilled and competent with specific items of equipment / machines, more information here.
  7. Members MUST wear their name badge at all times in the Shed.

After an applicant’s induction attendance, a name badge is produced to which a pink dot is affixed to acknowledge induction attendance. When applicant’s demonstrate their competence in the use of machinery / equipment, a different coloured star (for different woodwork machinery / equipment) and a different coloured dot (for different metalwork machinery / equipment) is also affixed to the name badge to provide a visual indication of each member’s approval to use machinery / equipment.

Our policy is to have and maintain a safe and harmonious work environment for the benefit of all members.