Mentor List

A requirement for using machinery in the Shed, is the need to undergo an assessment for competence by one of our skilled mentors. They can assist you to become competent with equipment you may wish to use.

A list of our Shed mentors with their telephone contact is available from the CMS office so members can communicate directly with the appropriate mentor to arrange a suitable date and time for your assessment. This is not an onerous process but is about maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all members to enjoy.

Please remember that like yourself, all mentors are volunteers and they have other demands of their time, so don’t be disappointed if they cannot be at the Shed directly when you want them.

Once each assessment is completed, a record is made and your name badge will have the appropriate coloured dot or star to identify the machinery your have been deemed competent to use.

Please ask for a mentor list available at the CMS office.

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Page updated June 2018