CMS Power update 2019

Members may recall over two years ago we were seeing a continual growth in our power usage. During early 2018 we started an awareness program in the Shed to minimise power wastage.
Early 2019 we applied for and received a Stronger Communities Grant to upgrade our electrical. This involved:
• Upgrading our switchboard
• Replacing the Hi-bay lights with LED
• Replacing all Fluro light fittings with LED
• Some additional lighting
• Additional power outlets and cabling
• Installing additional switching, timers and motion sensors

The following chart indicates the gains made since the changes were implemented.

While average daily usage for our tariff has dropped substantially, the amount we are putting back into the grid has also increased. Unfortunately with the Feed-in tariff reductions the financial benefit we receive is less.

While the equipment changes have had a major effect, the awareness of Members has also made a substantial contribution to the reduction in power usage.