Next Shed Outing – Bruny Island

Dear fellow “Shed” Member,
I am now planning our next “Shed” outing which would take place in late May or early June this year. The plan would be a day visit to BRUNY ISLAND along the following lines.
Depart “Shed” on a Coal River luxury coach at 9:15 am
Depart Kettering by ferry at 10:00 am and arrive at the Murrayfield Station at Trumpeter Bay at 10:30am for a supplied morning tea. Murryfield Station is the former Hazell Bros property of some 4000 hectares and is now owned by the Indigenous Land Corporation. It produces fine wool and is one of Tasmania’s well renowned sheep properties. Our morning tea would be at the shearing shed which has superb views. If Murrayfield management has time, they would give us a briefing of the property during our break.
Depart Murrayfield at 11:15am arriving at Get Shucked Oysters at 11:30 am for a briefing and maybe a tasting at this great venue.
Depart Get Shucked at 12 noon for the Hotel Bruny at Alonnah arriving at 12:30 for lunch. Lunch would be a specially prepared menu which would be circulated prior to the day.
Depart Alonnah at 2:45pm for Ferry terminal departing Bruny at 4:00pm
Arriving Kettering at 4:15pm and back to the “Shed by 4:30pm
At this stage the coach that has been quoted will seat 57 people. We will need to have a minimum 40 members attending to make the cost of the coach and ferry fares viable at $25 per member. Any costs associated with Oyster Tasting and lunch will be at each members own responsibility.
For me to finalise the date and all arrangements, I will need your indication of attendance by not later than Monday 29th April please. My email address is: petershelley at bigpond and my phone is 0418 120 772. Once we have all replies, you will be contacted again to be advised of the final arrangements
If you have not joined one of our outings before, please consider making the effort to join us for what should be another great Channel Men’s Shed outing.
I look forward to being knocked over in the rush of applicants!
Cheers and best wishes,
Peter Shelley

Lovely Banks expedition

Lovely Banks – November 2018

The second CMS bus trip, to the Lovely Banks Shearing Shed was, thanks to the organisational skills of Peter Shelley and the generous hospitality of Gerard McShane, a rousing success.
Our coach was one of the luxury line, with air conditioning and seat belts – no school bus for Channel Men’s Shedders.

We departed from the Shed at 0900 hours with 32 members on board, stopped at the Kempton Sports Ground, for the morning tea, supplied as part of the coach hire, where Gerard joined us.

Replete with tea and cake, and with Gerard acting as tour guide, we proceeded to Lovely Banks (from Kempton as far as Oatlands) you will rarely be out of view of one of the McShane Properties, however, it was at Lovely Banks we debarked.
Gerard was incredibly generous in sharing his time and knowledge.

The twelve stand shearing shed was in full operation with one young woman – and her two dogs, responsible for keeping the flow of sheep up to the dozen shearers.

Shearing must be the original for back breaking work, your photographer’s back is still suffering just from watching.



At three dollars an animal, the gun shearer in the shed can earn $600 a day which sounds like really good money until you consider his working life, the demands of the job and its seasonal nature.


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