Check-in Tas APP notice

From May 1, 2021 the Shed is obliged to use the Check-in Tas APP for all attending the Shed. This will require members attending the shed, if you have not already done so, to install the app on your smartphone. You will need your Mac App Store or Google Play password to authorise the installation.

Information from the Department of Health including installation of the APP  are available on the Tasmanian Government Check-in TAS APP information site. The QR code and instructions are on display at the shed sign-in desk. Members and visitors will still need to be signed in by the co-ordinator.

The members Covid-19 manual has been updated for the change in sign-in, see CMS Covid-19 documents.



News from the Shed Feb 2021

What with the holiday season, travel and the (by now usual and expected) changes to the COVID regime, it has been a busy time for all of us. So, first cab off the figurative rank is COVID SAFETY PLAN. See here for the current CMS COVID documents.

By way of a quick note of clarification, we still are unable to guarantee the status of all of our kitchen equipment as is mandatory under the rule so we are restricted to disposable cups and plates and the like and it looks as though this will be the case for the foreseeable future. So, restricted access to the main body of the kitchen for the time being.

Your Committee has been working on re-activating our regular social events.

Our regular Thursday BBQ (with partners) is now again possible and will resume on Thursday February 25 from about 4PM until the BBQ is shut down around 6:30. As usual bring along your small change as snags are still $2 and the usual for BYO wines and spirits.

Crib players will be organising their own start times.

We hope to have more training sessions but because of the necessary close contact in classes, masks will have to be worn and for welding, participants will need to provide their own helmets.

The Wednesday Ladies Group has reformed, their small numbers being readily accommodated within the recent changes to the rules.


(Again with the COVID stuff) this has been scheduled for 7PM on Thursday March 18, 2021 and will be held at the Kingborough Bowls Club, 1615 Channel Highway Margate 7054.

More information will issued but, as usual, nomination forms will be on the Secretary’s desk.

To be eligible to nominate, or indeed to vote at the meeting, you need to a current financial member. Make sure that you have paid your subscription. (We are running a little ahead of performance for last year so many thanks to those who have already paid.)

The last note out to the membership noted that the garden is in production and Lawrie tells us he will endeavour to have the available selection of produce ready for sale on Mondays. Quality of all-organic vegetables is excellent and the prices cannot (I think) be beaten.

SMALL PROJECTS – See this post for some small projects from Heiko.

Some small projects by Heiko

Some of our colleagues at the shed were looking for toy plans. I have attached pictures of 4 toys that I made as Christmas presents for some small friends.

The toys are made from “palletino” and offcuts. The wheel bearings were cut from micro sprinkler risers.

I have regularly made Christmas toys and they have always been well received.

  • I got the idea for the ships of Pinterest. The actual ships are my own invention.
  • The log truck is entirely my own invention.
  • The idea for the kangaroo came from a book listing woodworking plans for sale. I used their picture for inspiration and came up with my own dimensions.

Cheers Heiko.