Chess Club

DSC_0224If you wish to learn  to play chess or whether you have not played since you were a kid and fancy yourself as a budding Boris Spassky or Bobby Fischer, we have somewhere for you to enjoy yourself in the Lounge Room at CMS.

The shed has a chess and chequers (draughts) set and a board made and donated by members and we hope to get a Shed chess and chequers league going.

It does not matter whether you are a complete novice and want to learn  or whether you are Grand Master potential, there are suitable partners and  a spot for you in the game. Grab a coffee, make yourself comfortable and join in the fun. Contact Peter at the shed or email the webmaster and put your name on the list.

Replacement thicknesser

Arrival of the brand new replacement Hafco T-20S Woodmaster thicknesser caused a bit of a stir! It replaces our older and smaller Carba-Tec unit and will be welcomed by all the woodworkers at the Channel Men’s Shed. Photos show the arrival, unpacking and assembly of the unit.


Stitch’n’Share ladies at the shed. And a beautiful hand-stitched quilt creatively made by Di Warne, one of the regular “Monday afternoon ladies” at the Shed.

Stitch & talk ladies

Made by Di Warne.

Hand-stitched quilt made by Di Warne.