Some small projects by Heiko

Some of our colleagues at the shed were looking for toy plans. I have attached pictures of 4 toys that I made as Christmas presents for some small friends.

The toys are made from “palletino” and offcuts. The wheel bearings were cut from micro sprinkler risers.

I have regularly made Christmas toys and they have always been well received.

  • I got the idea for the ships of Pinterest. The actual ships are my own invention.
  • The log truck is entirely my own invention.
  • The idea for the kangaroo came from a book listing woodworking plans for sale. I used their picture for inspiration and came up with my own dimensions.

Cheers Heiko.

Christmas BBQ invitation

Annual CMS Christmas BBQ and gathering for 2020

The annual BBQ will be held at Dru Point Bicentennial Park at 3PM on Friday 18th of December.

We do need a list of all attendees to fulfil our COVID tracking obligation and for catering arrangements. Email RSVP to the secretary at the Channel Men’s Shed by 10th December.


BBQ Invitation

News from the Shed December 2020

With the holiday season coming up I shall try to be as brief as I can. (Apropos of holidays, it looks like the Shed will close from Monday 21 December and reopening Monday 4 January)
Christmas Party invitation
The organisation of a Christmas function, compliant with COVID Safety requirements, has proved tricky, however we believe that we have it right at last. A more formal invitation will issue shortly but keep December 18 free and expect a small raffle to be drawn at the event. Ticket sales will be on the day and, as usual, prizes are significant. See you at Dru Point.
Central City Community Shed
Hobart is the only Australian capital city without a dedicated Community Shed. Your Shed has been supporting Peter Shelley who has been working to prepare the ground (almost literally –a site has been identified and quote obtained for building construction) for the formation of a steering committee.
$1,000 donation to KHH
The impact of COVID on the work of Kingborough Helping Hands has been considerable and, as part of our ongoing Community Outreach Program, your Shed has donated $1,000 in support of this valuable community resource. We have also called for volunteers to assist with the delivery of Christmas Hampers and Presents on 16 and 17 December.
Revision to CMS COVID Safety Plan
Following recent announcements, our Safety Plan has now been revised (again) to allow 40 members in the Shed at the one time. Sadly, not really enough to hold a regular social function, hence the planning for a somewhat reduced Christmas Celebration at Dru Point.