Contributions for Personal Use of CMS Equipment

A reminder to Members regarding CMS Equipment Contributions.

We last updated our contribution chart in May 2019. At that time, we introduced a voluntary equipment contribution for personal use of Shed equipment. The voluntary contribution applied to the personal use of Shed equipment not included in the major equipment list.

To make it simpler for Members, we have now installed a cash box for miscellaneous contributions. The intent being that a daily minimum gold coin contribution be made for the use of minor equipment such hand/power tools for personal use. Member contributions will assist us with cost recovery for miscellaneous use such as power, consumables, wear and tear and breakages. These small contributions may be deposited in the cash box without documentation, unlike contributions for major equipment.

The cash box will be located adjacent to the existing contribution container.

In the past, CMS did have an additional source of income from hosting Max Employment participants. Payments from Max and providers prior, did contribute substantially to our funds. This is no longer the case. Members should also be aware that Channel Men’s Shed Committee make every effort to maintain an annual Membership fee as low as possible so that we do not penalise those social Members who rarely use equipment. The Committee believe that a policy of ‘User Pays” is fair to all Members.

The contribution guide chart for major contributions has been updated, the latest version is available from the CMS documents page.

We ask that you continue as we have in the past for major equipment contributions and also make contributions for the personal use of CMS equipment as follows:

  • Documented contributions in the envelope provided for major equipment use.


  • Minor, gold coin minimum contribution for general use.

In the near future we will also be installing a card reader, which will allow Members to make contributions by credit or debit card. This method of payment may be used for Membership fees and equipment contributions. The minimum payment amount will be set at $5.

President CMS.