Furniture Construction

Craig Howard, master furniture maker gave about twenty shed members a memorable day of demonstration, insights and tips at the shed.  Craig has been designing and producing fine furniture for over 30 years and believes every piece of furniture should stand the test of time.

Craig Howard is one of Tasmania s finest timber furniture craftsmen working with the world renowned Tasmanian special species timbers including Huon pine, blackwood, blackheart sassafras and myrtle, as well as selected imported timbers such as cedar and mahogany.

Every piece of furniture crafted at his business is meticulously handcrafted. We use a combination of traditional methods such as hand dovetailing while using ultra-modern machinery to precision machine, dress and dry our timbers. We source our timber through the Tasmanian Fine Timber s chain of custody and we respect the need to sustainably harvest. We want our industry to be still here in the next century and centuries to come. We ourselves proudly mill, air- and kiln-dry all of the special species timber we use.

In finishing our timbers we use only natural products as we believe the timber is, in a sense, still alive, still breathing; we believe it is essential to treat fine timber with respect! We specialise in native Tasmanian timbers including Huon pine, King Billy pine, blackheart sassafras, blackwood, celery-top pine and Tasmanian myrtle, to name just a few. We also source imported timbers as required.

Dovetail joints, Tool sharpening and timber finishes were among the many topics discussed and demonstrated on the day.