News from the Shed Feb 2022

Annual General Meeting

A quick reminder that the AGM will be held, at the Shed, at 7 pm on March 8.

In addition to the mandated (by law) usual business of the meeting, we have invited a guest speaker, so make sure that you are on time, for the kick off.

As an important point to note, to attend and vote, you will need to be a fully paid member in good standing. Do check that you have paid you membership subscriptions.


Many of you will be aware of recent Tasmania Government changes to the use of the Check in Tas App.

As a result of these changes the CMS no longer needs members to use the Check in Tas App. Plus, the Committee has withdrawn the Temperature Check requirement for members & visitors entering the Shed.

Coordinators will still manage and record your “Sign In” to the Shed as part of our simplified entry process. Recording who is in the Shed is still important to the Shed, particularly if we have an accident or other emergency in the Shed.

Likewise, social distancing and mask wearing which is mandated by the Government still applies to members and visitors in the CMS. Relevant CMS Covid documents have been updated, see here.  But rest assured, the Committee is monitoring Government COVID changes and will ease our restrictions as soon as we can as we all learn to live with COVID.

Business as usual

As noted above, there are a number of “pinned” agenda items that your Committee reviews each meeting. The COVID regulatory changes is one, and one that is tied to a couple of other.

Firstly the monthly “and partners” barbeque. Closing out 2021 we saw much diminished attendance and with many Tasmanian’s staying home, rather than risk infection, this looks likely to continue. The attached Planning Permit Document will, subject to formal approval of our Stronger Communities Grant application, go some way to providing a safer venue for our social events. Hopefully without the mask requirement.

The comment above remains pertinent, social distancing is still part of our lives.

Also “pinned” to the meeting agenda is the question of member use of our house rooms. While the concerns around social distancing, air quality (on account of aerosol transmission evidence) means that we are extremely limited in our ability to accommodate multiple users in the lounge, music room and kitchen, this question is considered every meeting.

Construction of outdoor entertainment area

Plans have been on display for some months now but as we are aware that some members are self-isolating, is the formal planning permission. If you want to see more, drop in to the Shed wearing your mask.

We do have some concerns regarding the availability of materials in the present building climate, so it seems unlikely that we can predict when construction will be complete.

Other items

We have a couple of other Social Outreach projects in view, nothing concrete as yet, but if you have some spare time, and a willingness to act as trades assistant general roustabout, look out for emails calling for volunteers.

More to come…