News from the Shed Jan 2022

Car parking

Kingborough Council have done us proud.

And save for a little signage to clarify the No Parking areas from the roller doors around to the riding trail, the project is complete. We shall see if the Mayor is keen for a photo op.

Cooking for Kingborough Helping Hands

Most of you will be aware that a small group of our members regularly prepare meals and soups for KHH. Your committee has been concerned that this may have to be restricted under the most recent COVID regulations.

We are fortunate to have John, a professional who is willing to lead this team and to maintain standards of cleanliness and hygiene. The the Committee will endeavour to continue our support for this worthy, and much needed, cause.

Please note that the availability of coffee and tea within the workshop will continue for attending members and the restriction to the “house” rooms continues. Again, this is reviewed at each Committee Meeting as part of our standing agenda items.

Annual General Meeting

As mentioned earlier, this is set down for Tuesday March 8th at 7 PM at the Shed, and we will need to seek intentions to attend to ensure COVID compliance.

A nomination Form for committee membership has been emailed to all members. If you have not received this email please contact the Shed. Your email address may need to be updated in the Shed records.

If you feel you can serve the membership by taking on a committee position, please arrange for completion of a nomination form and return to the Secretary. You will need a nominee and seconder to sign.


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