News from the Shed July 2022

Not a great deal to report this month. 


We have, at last, been successful in disposing of the Willys and take this opportunity to record that, while the job we took on was not completed, those members who got involved tell us that they enjoyed the experience and gained much in the way skills and companionship from the experience. We were able to assure that donor that we believe that the project has been taken on by an enthusiast (who has also joined the Shed) who is keen to build of the work already done. 

Loading the Willys
Willys ready to go

Expect some shuffling around as we occupy the “new” floor-space, certainly the recently built adjustable height woodworking bench is likely to creep out sometimes. It is entirely mobile on the re-purposed hospital bed frame. The debate now is whether we should make a similar arrangement for the small engines workshop — none of us are getting any younger. Or perhaps motor mowers are getting heavier?


We have replaced the printer in the office — the old one was failing after sterling service for just under a decade. Note that for private printing, a small charge is payable. See the notice on the machine. 


We have already commenced on clearing the ground for the replacement Storage Shed on Edna’s property and in response to our approaches to Nick and Jacqui, are now in receipt of the Premier’s advice approving funding of some $6,000 for the materials for the replacement Storage Unit.  Keep your eye out for requests for assistance. We are looking to cast a concrete floor (boxing and wheel barrow work likely) properly frame and close in to make the structure weather and vermin proof (food will be stored pending distribution by the Louis Van) and provide power for the refrigeration required.

Again local support for this worthy cause must be acknowledged as Kingborough Waste Services kindly waived green waste fees for vegetation cleared from the site.

Removing and loading green waste
Unloading green waste as Baretta

Secretary, CMS.