News from the Shed June 2022

Quite a bit of movement around the Shed since the last advice.


Your Committee has taken the scientific approach to validating any decision on the much anticipated use of the house rooms. This, because the best advice we have is COVID transmission is by air particles.

Using the recently purchase Air Quality Monitor, we have tested for CO2, particulate matter and VOC content of the air. Unsurprisingly, the workshop area tested well within the recommended guidelines.

As did the unoccupied house rooms … again, no real surprise.

The Committee undertook a test of the craft / music room and, with eleven of the Committee in place, test results were within recommended guidelines. Clearly, for the safety of our members, further tests, at various levels of occupancy, will be conducted. Note that the Committee is fully aware that, for various reasons, members may still consider that the COVID risks are either unacceptable or require further mitigation (post-vaccination) by mask wearing or absenting themselves from the Shed.

Accepted; this is your prerogative. 


In summary, density or capacity limits in place have been removed from 21 May, albeit, with a strong recommendation that organisations are encouraged to continue measures to reduce the risk of Covid 19. These include

  • not attending if unwell or required to isolate;
  • maintaining 1.5 metres physical distance where possible;
  • follow cough and personal hygiene measures;
  • appropriate cleaning and hygiene of facilities;
  • provision of appropriate hand washing and sanitising stations;
  • display of posters and other resources to keep members aware of COVID-19 safe behaviours.

Your Shed will follow these recommendations. 

CMS will continue to adhere to our policy that Shed Members must have the appropriate level of vaccination (recommended vaccinations and a booster) unless they can provide medical advice to the contrary.

Capacity limits have been, from the date of the May Committee Meeting, removed.

Kitchen is now open for tea breaks and lunches and for the time being, as a precaution we will continue the use of disposable cups and stirrers. Note that the temporary tea/coffee table in the workshop will be removed – the addition of the Bobbin Sander has increased crowding at that end of the Shed. 

We would expect that, at the discretion of the organisers, the Boronia Trefoil Fund-Raiser Dinners and the Crib Night will recommence.


You recently provided the Committee with feedback regarding the reintroduction of the BBQs. Level of response was quite low but, overall, positive.

The first trial last Thursday of the month BBQ will be held commencing at 4 pm on 30 June and, as usual, running through until about 6.30 pm. Sausage/burger on a slice of bread $2.00, some home brew will be available and BYO wine.

The first trial members only lunchtime BBQ will be on 10 June from 11.30 am until around 1.30 pm. Sausage/burger $2.00.

As we do require numbers for the Member barbecue on Friday 10th for catering purposes, if you do intend to participate, please hit reply to this email and indicate your attendance. We will follow up with a reminder and a request for attendees closer to the date for the Member/Partner barbecue on the 30th June.


All of the (many) approvals have been obtained for the replacement of the Kingborough Helping Hands Storage Shed at Edna Pennicott’s home. Funding for the construction is expected very soon and we will be looking for working bee volunteers to prepare the ground. 

For construction to proceed, we need to remove a large tree and a significant amount of vegetation which will interfere with construction.  Following removal of the tree we will be asking for volunteers to assist with removal of the green waste to the KWS site. We note that Kingborough Waste Disposal have acknowledged their appreciation of the work of Kingborough Helping Hands by waiving green waste fees for this occasion.

Recognising the volunteering work undertaken by Edna, the CMS has constructed a small wood shed which she can use to keep a few weeks supply of dry firewood for her use. Photos attached.


The thicknesser is approaching its tenth birthday and more extended maintenance is required to replace the bearings and re-lubricate. As usual our experts will do their best to minimise time out of service, but it is a major overhaul as the machine has been in heavy (quite possibly the heaviest of all of the wood working equipment) use since its purchase.

The smallest of the woodworking benches has been improved. 

Thanks to the initiative of Lyndley Chopping, we have acquired an obsolete powered hospital bed and Reuben has modified this to allow us raise and lower one work bench to allow easier loading or simply to provide some options for our less flexible members.


October last year we arranged with Aurora to upgrade our meter to an Advanced Meter which allows Aurora to record power usage (kw) for each tariff by the hour rather than a lump figure (kw) for the billing period.

Aurora recently provided us with the data comparing our current tariff 22 and Time of Use Off Peak/Peak tariff 93.

The data indicates we can reduce our power cost by 24.5%.

Members should be aware that any Aurora customer can contact Aurora and arrange to have their standard meter replaced with an Advanced Meter. Aurora will do this at no charge. After a period of time Aurora will have sufficient data to advise whether it is advisable for the Member to change to the Peak/Off Peak tariff or remain on the current tariff. 

Secretary, Channel Men’s Shed.