News from the Shed March 2023

Quite a bit for this edition, some from our members (always to be encouraged) but mostly from your Committee who remind members about the AGM (7PM on 21st March at the Shed) and closure of the nominations on Friday 10 March 2023 but, importantly, early on, a couple of Health and Safety issues:

First Aid kits and the Defibrillator

Our first aid kits and defibrillator have been serviced by St John. Members should note that the Defibrillator Pads used in the machine are still scheduled for replacement by Philips as part of a Defect replacement scheme. Saint John’s Ambulance have confirmed that the Defibrillator is still fit for use. A user info sheet is held with the machine. As an aside, your Shed, as a public service, also maintains the defibrillator at the Margate 24/7 (usually, but I observe the temporary works there) BP Servo.

COVID vaccinations

The Shed continues to require evidence of vaccination (on request) for its attending members. In this regard, adults who have not had a booster or a case of COVID-19 in the past six months are eligible for another dose from 20 February.

Anecdotal evidence suggests it will be wise to get your booking in asap.

New members

Welcome two new members. Our numbers are returning to post 2022 levels as the outstanding subs flow in, meanwhile, do not hesitate to make yourself known our new members as they join in activities.

Coffee Club

The regular coffee morning are proving popular. See here for a recent coffee meeting.

See you at the shed!!

Secretary CMS.