News from the Shed November 2020

Recent relaxation to the square meters per person has allowed us to re-assess our hosting capacity in the workshop.

Please note that there has been no change to the 1.5 metre rule.

For those of you who are concerned about the health aspect, your concerns are shared by the Department of Communities (see attached) however, we can now, under the rules, host 40 members in the shop and are still following the Health Department rules.

BBQ THURSDAY 19 NOVEMBER (International Men’s Day)

Commencing about 10.30, we will have an informal discussion group for those who are interested in sharing experiences about the health challenges we are all, as the years flow on, experiencing and likely to experience. TO assist with setting out a few chairs, let us know whether you will be here for this. Once the discussion has run down, we will be firing up the BBQ as usual … bring along your surplus $2 coins (if you have been using cash lately)

The Tomato Saga Continued…

With hot weather forecast later in the week, 23 C to 28 C: I removed the hot house and plastic surrounds from the tomatoes and also strung them up.

This year I am trying a stringing method that I saw on YouTube: The tomatoes are spaced at 22.5 cm (9 inches in the old language). They are then pruned to single vines and strung left and right alternatively. The rows run North South to get the most light to the toms.

Did a small trial last season and this method worked well.