Quick Change Toolpost

Thanks to Reuben, who risked excess baggage on his return from the US, we now have a fully installed Quick Change Tool-post and the associated tooling very neatly installed on the metal turning lathe. It is expected that the extensive set of tools will satisfy practically all of our turner’s needs but Reuben assures us that the old tool holder has been retained and is readily re-installed if you have special needs.

Check in with either Reuben or Derrick if you need a short familiarisation with the operation of the new installation.

Attached are photos of the newly installed and now operational Quick Change Toolpost for the metal lathe.


The fourth one from the left is a parting tool with a high-speed parting blade. The third from the left with a boring bar can accept our regular parting tool with carbide inserts.

I decided to make an accessories tray to make the accessibility easier for the operator.


Posted 27 November 2017