Workbench on wheels

The recent sale of the willis tourer has created space and allowed some rearrangement of our workshop area. Wheels on levers have been added to the heavy woodworking benches. This raises the workbench a few millimetres from the floor and allows the workbench to be rolled to a new location. The initial design had a serious pinch hazard, Reuben explains

“As I mentioned in the last meeting, my installation of wheels on the workbenches¬†created a pinch hazard in operation. Rather than covering the gap between the crossbar and the wheel lever to mitigate the hazard, I opted to install a handle instead. The handle also makes the locking and unlocking easier as a slight sideways pull is needed to engage or disengage to wheel lock.”

Workbench wheels in standby position
Close-up of wheel mount showing hinges
Wheels activated by using the handle to hook the metal strap over the retaining screw

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