News from the Shed May 2022


A couple of items of more than usual interest to justify the early note.


We have the opportunity for visit to inspect this enterprise sometime around the middle of June.

At this stage it looks like numbers will be very limited __probably the first 20 places will fill very quickly__ so hiring a bus will not be justified. Carpooling will be the way to go so at this stage we are asking for names of those interested together with details of vehicle capacity and willingness to drive. 

We are hopeful, numbers being interested, in having a lunch or afternoon tea following the visit.

If you are interested please REPLY to the newsletter from the shed email indicating your name, whether you will carpool and how many passengers you can carry.


Thanks largely to the machine usage donation, your Shed has purchased, from its own resources, a new item of equipment.

The Hare and Forbes Bobbin Sander expands our woodworkers’ ability in finishing more complex curved shapes to a professional standard. The usual fees (around $5 / hour) apply and you can speak to one of the mentors about how it works.

Secretary CMS

News from the shed April 2022 #2

Gents A couple of interesting items this month:


Unsurprisingly, this is the time of the parliamentary cycle where our politicians are inclined to call us. Your Shed, as a matter of principle, is apolitical. But we do recognise the value of candidates and representatives understanding our role in the community. We take every opportunity for our Committee (and the members at large) to put across our achievements and the case for all political Parties to support of the Shed movement and, in particular, Channel Men’s Shed inc. In the last month we have entertained, Jacquie Petrusma, Aldo Antolli, Rebecca White and Toby Thorpe. Sometime we even take pictures!

New members

We welcome three new members this month… if you see a new badge, do step forward to introduce yourself and offer a hand. This Shed is all about making new mates.

House rooms

Each month your Committee deal with the irritation of having house rooms which, because of the risk of infection, we cannot safely use. Yes, we know that restrictions are always in a state of flux but we cannot avoid the issue that our membership are a high risk group — we see that in the turn up and more particularly, in the down turn in BBQ numbers earlier last year. (More about that below) We are presently investigating the options for HEPA filtration (similar to that being installed in school classrooms) and whether this will work for us. First step is testing with CO2 devices which we understand will give a good indication of the likely benefits of the (more expensive) HEPA filter. We will keep you informed. Public thanks here to Gary who has spent a deal of time investigating the matter.


There is a significant cost in both time and money to setting up (and cleaning up after) our long deferred monthly BBQ. The question is simple. Will you, and for the evening BBQ, your partner attend reintroduction of the monthly BBQ? Please reply to your NftS email with a yes or no, so that we can get an idea of the numbers we are likely to see and whether your Shed can get on with “Life with COVID”. It is, we understand, easy to sing out that catch cry, but your serious consideration of the health risks for you and yours is accepted. You might like to comment about re-introduction of lunchtime event too although that has traditionally been much smaller and members only.

Secretary, CMS.

News from the Shed April 2022

Not too much in the way of ground breaking news this month.

Most of us will be up with the relaxation in the anti-COVID regulations, however the Committee want to take this opportunity to emphasise that the wearing of masks within the Shed workshop is optional. We are collectively aware that many of us have at-risk family members or are, ourselves to some extent, immuno-compromised. The decision to wear masks is exclusively yours. Vaccination of our membership is a requirement for entry to the Shed.

While on the COVID tack, the Committee has, again this month re-considered the opening of the house rooms (it is on the agenda each month). Sadly the uptick of Tasmanian cases makes it imprudent as does the problem of limiting aerosol transmission in the restricted area of the “house”. As I say, the question is considered at each meeting of the Committee … it irritates us all not to have the full use of the Shed, but, our health and safety is paramount.

A couple of pictures from the recent visit by Jacqui Petrusma and Aldo Antolli. The opportunity was taken to thank Jacqui for her influence in the sealing of the carpark. We also took the opportunity to make clear to the Huon liberal candidate the role that the Shed plays both in the wider community and among our membership. Aldo is CEO of Pathways Tasmania and was quick to relate some of our work to his own interests.

Many of our members will (through the Christmas Hamper Delivery) be aware of the important work done by Kingborough Helping Hands. Of course our own kitchen team prepare both soup and meals for distribution by KHH.

Much of the (pre-preparation) donated food is stored by Edna Pennicot at her home.

Your Shed has undertaken the project of replacing the storage shed with funding sought from Jacqui Petrusma and Nic Street.

We are presently seeking planning permission (and that is a saga in itself) and will shortly be calling for volunteers to assist with site clearing and construction work.

Watch this space.

Also under discussion is the need to landscape the embankment. We are looking at options and suggestions for planning and the like are something that need consideration.

Watch this space.

Secretary CMS.